press free press is Sejal Chad, Becky Cremin, Ryan Ormonde and Karen Sandhu.

press free press is a poetic collective

press free press is a restless poetic collective, committed to poetics and performance, yet restless within poetic and performance scenes: committed to dialogue and response, democracy and openness of practice.

press free press engage with materiality of text in performance. press free press find, construct, demolish language following the invitation of language poets and fluxus performance artists. press free press do not write verse. press free press write language that is poetry or perform poetry that is language.

press free press do not write sublimely or preciously. press free press consider language as object. press free press use language as site. press free press do not write and perform poems. press free press respond to realities of external language. press free press write, respond and encourage a response. press free press are democratic. press free press are pressless. press free press constantly publish. press free press publish online, in text messages, on twitter, on blogs, on the street in handmade books. press free press is an open poetic network. press free press perform poetic operations.

press free press have performed at a community festival, a book fair, a nightclub, at poetry readings, at band nights, on the Circle line, in academic buildings, in galleries, in the street, in a classroom of 5 year olds, on screens, in gardens, in books, via text messages, via emails, in private, by appointment, in artsy spaces, at work, on aeroplanes, in spaces meant for performance art, in spaces meant for poetry, in a bookshop, at music festivals, at weddings, at bar mitzvahs, in the cinema, on the couch, on the bus, in bed, whilst baking, in a wardrobe, under the stairs, in dreams, in the Royal Festival Hall, in secret, on ice, in basements, in tandem, in sync, on holiday, across borders, inside borders, inside Borders, having coffee, following, leading, in instructions, in situ, in media res, in the Tate Modern, on Tottenham Court Road, in a room when nobody cared, in a room where everyone laughed, in rooms with lines, in lines with rooms, in process, at literary festivals, not in the 1970's, in the 2000's, in the 2010's, in costumes, on soap boxes, inappropriately, appropriately, ongoingly, boringly, excitedly, unsteadily, poorly, enthusiastically, questionably, unquestionably, methodically, interruptedly, continually,